Aug 27,2010

A Pair of Sleeper Wide Receivers Uncovered

Sometimes I wonder if the guy who said “Go big or go home, ” is sitting on his mom’s couch eating Fritos and quietly weeping into the latest edition of JUGZ. Other times, I wonder if he was the guy who “had a feeling” about Dwayne Bowe and drafted him in the third round last year. Regardless, the notion of high risk/high reward is both rampant and incredibly enticing. As a result, this time of year fantasy experts everywhere start coming up with their list of most likely long shots. In an effort not to be out done, I’ve uncovered a pair of sleeper wider receivers for your gambling pleasure.

Devin Aromashodu

For those of you who didn’t catch the last four games of the Bears ’09 season (and, really, why would you have bothered), it’s pronounced uh-ROME-uh-shuh-do. In those four aforementioned games, the third string WR (who sat out the first few weeks due to a quad injury) scored 4 touchdowns on 24 attempts and earned himself quite a bit praise from starting quarterback Jay Cutler.

Since then, Jerry Angelo has hired Mike Martz in the hopes of improving developing some semblance of an offense. Martz, who was the offensive coordinator in St. Louis when the Rams won Super Bowl XXXVI, is credited with having an aggressive, big play style offense that essentially emboldens the QB to pass like crazy. While Jay Cutler is certainly no Kurt Warner, any scheme that elevates the ball from the ground to the air is one that gives wide receivers more opportunities and thus more fantasy value.

Considering his rapport with Cutler and Martz’s pass heavy offense, Devin Aromashodu could very well go from third on the depth chart to first. His size (6’2″ and 201 lbs.) additionally tip the scales in his favor. While he may not be the fastest receiver on the team, he’s definitely the biggest. Given the massive hole in the Bears o-line, Cutler is going to need a nice big target to lob the ball at before getting prematurely sacked. With Earl Bennett recovering from knee surgery and Devin Hester being used more as a slot receiver, Aromashodu is in line to become the Bears best deep ball threat. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of question marks surrounding this wide receiver with the hard to pronounce last name. Those question marks, however, keep him cheap and give you the chance to own a piece of breakout glory.

Mike Williams

Back in May I blogged about Tampa Bay’s fourth round pick, siting his checkered past, huge talent, and burgeoning potential. I advised would-be fantasy owners to track his progress in the off season and keep an eye on the Buc‘s depth chart. I’m happy to report that even if you spent the last 3+ months charting Heidi Montag‘s cosmetic surgeries instead of gathering research for your 2010 fantasy team, I have been hard at work, dutifully watching preseason games and tweeting with other unhealthily obsessed FF enthusiasts.

It seems the former Organgeman is on the road to redemption and making the most of training camp. In the Buc’s preseason opener against the Dolphins, Williams only had one reception for 30 yards, but it was enough for Head Coach Raheem Morris who called the grab “awesome.” In week 2 of the preseason, Williams upped the ante and snagged three passes for 44 yards in Tampa Bay’s win over Kansas City. While it may not seem like much, according to the St. Petersburg Times Coach Morris appears thrilled with the rookie’s growth stating, “Mike Williams had a dynamic offseason. He’s come in, he’s done everything we’ve asked. He’s been one of the guys who has caught the ball, he’s stood out and he’s been standing out since he’s been here.”

At age 23, this soon to be starting WR, has a long future ahead of him. Assuming he can stay focused and out of trouble, there’s no reason to believe he won’t end up a top 15 receiver. Heck, if he had Romo under center instead of Freeman, I’d call him the next Miles Austin. Before you go betting the farm on #19, however, remember that this investment has a ceiling… albeit a high one.