Apr 1,2010

A Lesson in Long-Term Investing

Ah, springtime… when the sun comes out, the flowers start to bloom, my taxes are due, and Donovan McNabb trade rumors run amuck. You’d think by now we’d all be impervious to mutterings about #5 flying the Philly coop. But nope, everyone and their Charles Schwab adviser has an opinion. Yeah, you read that correctly. I said everyone and their CHARLES SCHWAB adviser has an opinion. Let me explain…

Yesterday, in a “how the hell is it almost April already” moment of panic, I realized I had to count a bunch of receipts, rectify some assets, diversify my investment portfolio and do a bunch of other stuff that makes me sound like much more of a grown up than I actually am. Because I don’t speak “financial advisor,” I had no choice but to “talk to Chuck” and hope that the caring soul on the other end of the line would a) speak English, b) speak English that I could understand, and c) give me free advice. Lucky for me, Brennen from Indiana answered the phone and helped guide me towards long-term financial security. He also vented his frustration(s) regarding bandwagon Colts fans, expressed a very cogent theory on why Kobe would never be as good as Jordan, and reawakened the McNabb trade suspicions that had lain dormant all winter. Brennen seemed to think that Donovan would spend next season in a Raiders uniform. While I don’t think that’s likely, there are some things we know for sure.

Vick and McNabb congratulate Russell after the Eagles' 9-13 loss in Oakland on October 18, 2009

According to Philly.com, Andy Reid has admitted to “keeping (his) ears open” to offers regarding the veteran QB. As of right now, four teams have been publicly linked to McNabb: Oakland, Buffalo, St. Louis and Minnesota. Of these, the Raiders – who have a desirable No. 8 draft pick – appear to be the most viable suitor. Since most player contracts don’t carry a “no trade” clause, if a deal between the two teams was struck, McNabb’s options would include either becoming a part of the Raider Nation or retiring. Both, in my opinion, totally suck.

While I hope and pray don’t think Donovan will end up in Oakland, a move does bring some very interesting fantasy possibilities to light. The first of which is JaMarcus Russell‘s future and the second being Kevin Kolb‘s.

Both my friend Brennen and I agree that Russell seems to be in the beginning stages of a turnaround. After putting on some LenDale White sized love handles, skipping team workouts, and maintaining an all round bad attitude, the former LSU Tiger finally seems to be a bit shaken by the probability of losing his job. The Oakland Tribune has reported that the 2007 draft pick not only showed up to the team’s off-season workouts, but also appeared considerably trimmer and more fit. While it’s going to take a lot more than a few pounds to make up for last season’s bed sh*tting, perhaps having both his pride and his wallet threatened will help the young QB get back on track. After all, let’s remember the comeback that Vince Young made after losing the starting job to Kerry Collins. So if you’re in a keeper league, you may want to consider picking up Russell – who is bound to be avail in the final rounds – as a long-term investment.

McNabb mentors his back-up QB, Kevin Kolb

Kevin Kolb’s situation, on the other hand, seems very different, but equally murky. For the most part, we don’t know anything about the guy or his style of play. Last season he had two starts: one against New Orleans and the other against Kansas City. Not surprisingly, he tanked it against the Super Bowl Champs and crushed it opposite the 4-12 Chiefs. From what can I gather, Kolb’s selling points include his accuracy and his youth while McNabb’s are obviously his arm strength and experience (not to mention all around handsomeness and charm). Regardless, it would be crazy for Philly to not at least test their product. Whether they keep McNabb or trade him, they’re going to have to invest in the future of the franchise and get #4 out on the field, which undoubtedly means an increase in game-time for the Texas native. Simply put, more opportunities to play result in more opportunities to grow. There’s an equal chance that Kolb could have an Aaron Rodgersesque tragectory or a Kyle Orton ball manager mentality. Either way, he’s got to play, making him more than a waiver wire grab-n’-git fantasy option.

Certainly, neither choice is a sure thing, but they’re both in the unique position to positively affect the future of their own teams… and yours.