Dec 11,2012

As the League TurnsAs the League Turns
Vlog Times: As The League Turns (Week 14)

Hey Fantasy Football Fans, I’m The Fantasy Football Girl and this is AS THE LEAGUE TURNS – a weekly digest of the NFL’s biggest, baddest, and best drama. The show that doesn’t necessarily dig deep for stats, but does dig deep for dirt.


Chris Kluwe, of the Minnesota Vikings, is probably the most well-known punter currently playing in the NFL. He’s fantastically outspoken, undeniably passionate about everything from gay marriage to World of Warcraft, impressively witty, and pretty good looking too. Given Kluwe’s less than bashful demeanor, it wasn’t too much of a surprise to see him campaigning for another cause close to his heart (literally) this past Sunday. During the Vikings home game vs the Bears, Kluwe got creative with his uniform, sticking a post-it note that read VOTE RAY GUY over the Hall of Fame 50th Anniversary patch. Who is Ray Guy you ask? Ray Guy is an old-school bad ass who wore the number eight for the Oakland Raiders from 1973 to 1986. He’s the only punter in NFL history to have been selected in the first round of the draft. It’s been said that his punts stayed in the air so long that the hang time stat was created just for him. In 1994, he became the first pure punter to be nominated for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Eighteen years later, he’s still waiting for his jacket. Chris Kluwe, however, is trying to his best to make sure Guy ends up in Canton even if his stunt on Sunday will likely cost him a $5,000 fine from the NFL. After the game, Kluwe acknowledged he’d be penalized, but added that it was #TotallyWorthItThough.


Speaking of the Bears @ Vikings game this past Sunday, two particular studs – Brandon Marshall, wide receiver for the Bears and Adrian Peterson, running back for the Vikings – put up monster numbers and seriously helped their fantasy owners in the first round of what is traditionally the fantasy playoffs. Nice to see them appreciating each other’s efforts.

Marshall, who racked up over 100 receiving yards for the seventh time this season AND set a new franchise record of 101 catches, led the Bears’ otherwise listless offense. While it wasn’t enough to help the Bears win in Week 14, Marshall has achieved a new career-best of 1,342 yards on the season, and is on pace to set a new single-season yardage record for the Bears. While I’m sure he misses the weather in Miami, I bet he appreciates the change in quarterback.

Peterson, on the other hand, single-handedly beat the Bears’ usually stout defense. The Purple Jesus – as he’s loving referred to in Minnesota – carried the rock 31 times for 154 yards and 2 touchdowns. Just to put this in perspective, less than a year ago Peterson had surgery on a torn ACL AND MCL in his left knee, which could have very likely ended his career. Instead, he’s having a comeback season of mythic proportions. In fact, the running back – who I think is probably part Lamborghini – told Peter King of Sports Illustrated that he’s planning to end the season with 2,106 rushing yards. If he does it, he’ll break the single-season rushing record which was set by Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson back in 1984. Hey, he’s got “All Day.”


Most professional athletes would be thrilled to be part of a team that was ranked first in their division and bound for the playoffs. But running back Brandon Jacobs, of the San Francisco 49ers, isn’t most players. This past Saturday, the former New York Giant took to Instagram – because that seems grown up – and expressed his frustration by saying that he was “ROTTING AWAY” on the 49ers bench, and added that this was the “WORST SEASON” of his eight year career. Jacobs was acquired by the 49ers during the off-season with the intention of providing a veteran back-up for first stringer Frank Gore. That hasn’t exactly worked out to plan, but it seems as though the 49ers have heard Jacobs’ pleas… and don’t give a rat’s you-know-what. The Twitterverse exploded on Monday with the news that instead of cutting the disgruntled Jacobs from the team, the 49ers were going to suspend him for the final three games of the regular season, which would block him from going to a different team. Yowch. I’m guessing Jacobs is going to need a lot more than just 20 minutes to punch the goal-post padding before each game.


Apparently, Houston Texans nose tackle Shaun Cody has a flair for fashion. Together with outside linebacker Connor Barwin, he conceived the design for a letterman jacket to be custom made for each member of the current Texans team. The jacket is meant to be a sign of the team’s camaraderie. Barwin feels that this particular group of guys have been so successful this season because of their ability to come together and interact, much like winning college or high school team. Hence, the idea for a pro-letterman jacket. So far the jackets have been a huge hit amongst the players and were even part of the team’s dress code as they traveled to New England to take on the Patriots on Monday night. Though they didn’t exactly bring the Texans good luck.

Thanks so much for watching. This has been AS THE LEAGUE TURNS and I’m The Fantasy Football Girl reminding you to always WIN BIG.