Sep 25,2014

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X’s and Y’s Podcast: Week Four is for Lovers

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Week Four is for Lovers READ MORE

Sep 19,2014

Big Announcement

ScoutI started this blog five years ago because I wanted to share my passion for the game and learn from other diehards. Since then, the popularity of fantasy has absolutely exploded. With that explosion my knowledge of and appreciation for football has grown exponentially. I didn’t set out to make a living talking about fantasy football, but thankfully that has happened. READ MORE

Sep 17,2014

X's & Y's PodcastX's & Y's Podcast

X’s and Y’s Podcast: Did ALL the RBs Get Hurt in Week 2?

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Did ALL the RBs Get Hurt in Week 2? READ MORE

Sep 15,2014

Week 2: Eating Crow and Told ya so

RefLike a tweet from Mike Pereira, I appreciate being kept honest. And unlike Richard Sherman, I have no problem (with my calls) being exposed. So each Monday I plan to review my picks from the following week and tell you what I see for the highlighted players moving forward. Rather than bellow when I’m right and cower when I’m wrong, I’m simply going to keep myself accountable with a little Eating Crow and Told ya so. READ MORE

Sep 12,2014

Back-up RBs to ride in Week 2

UnderstudyBack in the 10th grade I scored a lead my high school’s winter play. When I saw the cast list posted on the theater doors, I screeched with delight and immediately began highlighting my lines. My understudy, on the other hand, threw a gigantic fit and told me to watch my back.

While high school rules don’t always apply to the NFL, a next-man-up philosophy absolutely exists. The below list of running backs were luckier than my understudy (because I killed it and she was relegated to being Townsperson #7). This week should provide them with an extended chance to shine. If one of your lead RBs is sidelined, you’ll want to consider giving one of these backups a starring role on your roster. READ MORE