Apr 16,2014

Draft Day falls down the board

This past Friday, after two rescheduled work events, I found myself miraculously free. In less time than it takes Aldon Smith to get arrested I had purchased a ticket to the 3pm showing of DRAFT DAY. That’s right, GRAVITY in 3-D be damned, THIS was a movie I was going to see on the big screen! READ MORE

Apr 9,2014

Madness in March leads to the Asylum in April

Fleeger and Briggs (aka “The Ricks”) of Asylum Fantasy Sports had a truly inspired idea. They compiled a bracket of the top 64 fantasy football players, seeded them, and then began to winnow the list down to a single “winner.” It’s a Fantasy Football bracket style “tournament!” In April! GENIUS!

Asylum Fantasy Sports Show #180:
Unless You’re Drafting With My Mom

Apr 8,2014

Go ahead Kenny Britt. Prove it!

Have you ever noticed how an ice cube floating in a glass of scotch looks a lot like a crystal ball? No? Me neither. My X’s and Y’s co-host John Evans, on the other hand, has often peered into a tumbler of malted goodness seeking fantasy guidance. It seems he’s done it again this offseason with a surprising take on Kenny Britt‘s 2014 stock. Cheers! READ MORE

Apr 2,2014

An Unrivaled way to get your off-season Fantasy Fix

I totally get that fantasy football is the best, but hoops is what’s happening right now. Rather than wasting your time debating whether or not Mark Sanchez is going to give Nick Foles any competition next season, just download the Rivalry Fantasy Sports app and make basketball season so much more enjoyable. After all, you only have to commit to ONE game. READ MORE

Mar 26,2014

Off-season Spotlight of the Month: Jennifer Garrett Moves the Ball

I discovered the flurry of activity that is Jennifer A. Garrett on Twitter. Her passion for football and her ability to connect with others really impressed me. So much so, I asked her to be this month’s off-season spotlight.

Jennifer is an internationally recognized author, life coach, and motivational speaker. She enjoys showing others how they can accomplish their dreams and achieve greatness. While she uses multiple subjects to teach individuals how to attain their goals, she often uses the game of football to illustrate how the principles needed to win can be successfully applied to people’s personal and professional lives. READ MORE